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Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities

Payden & Rygel provides superior solutions by employing a staff whose education, experience and vision have made the firm a leader in the field. We welcome the opportunity to speak with talented and motivated individuals who wish to meet this challenge.

If you are interested in a career with Payden & Rygel, please submit your resume to the firm's human resources department at careers@payden.com.

Investment Analyst (Emerging Markets)

Responsibilities include:

• Research, monitor and investigate changes, trends and fluctuations in the U.S., European, and Emerging Markets with a focus on sovereign and investment grade and high yield corporate issuers to identify investment values for European clients.

• Interpret data relating to price, yield, stability and future trends of investments.

• Review corporate financial records, management rack records, industry positioning, financial ratios, and extrapolate information on future earnings and growth of companies in the U.S., European and Emerging markets and industries.

• Prepare presentations and weekly, monthly and quarterly compilations of client reports.

• Review and analyze client portfolios, ensuring that they have been invested in line with clients’ guidelines, including compliance with German investment laws.

• Communicate with clients, trustees and custodians, as well as with internal management, specifically with the compliance division, to ensure that trades and corporate action confirmations are properly communicated.

Job Location: Los Angeles, CA

Send cover letter & c.v. to H.R. Dept, Payden & Rygel, P.O. Box 712492 , Los Angeles, CA 90071-7492