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December 2018 Dividend Reinvest NAV Dividend ($) Ticker
Equity Funds
Payden Equity Income Fund $ 14.88 $ 0.0721 PYVLX
Payden Equity Income Fund Adviser Class $ 14.87 $ 0.0655 PYVAX
Payden Equity Income Fund SI Class $ 14.88 $ 0.0743 PYVSX
Fixed Income Funds
Payden Absolute Return Bond Fund $ 9.81 $ 0.0664 PYARX
Payden Absolute Return Bond Fund SI Class $ 9.82 $ 0.0684 PYAIX
Payden California Municipal Income Fund $ 10.10 $ 0.0222 PYCRX
Payden Cash Reserves Money Market Fund $ 1.00 $ 0.0018 PBHXX
Payden Core Bond Fund $ 10.22 $ 0.0315 PYCBX
Payden Core Bond Fund Adviser Class $ 10.20 $ 0.0295 PYCWX
Payden Core Bond Fund SI Class $ 10.21 $ 0.0325 PYCSX
Payden Corporate Bond Fund $ 10.57 $ 0.0300 PYACX
Payden Emerging Markets Bond Fund $ 12.47 $ 0.0731 PYEMX
Payden Emerging Markets Bond Fund Adviser Class $ 12.48 $ 0.0702 PYEWX
Payden Emerging Markets Bond Fund SI Class $ 12.46 $ 0.0727 PYEIX
Payden Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund $ 9.44 $ 0.0443 PYCEX
Payden Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund SI Class $ 9.46 $ 0.0451 PYCIX
Payden Emerging Markets Local Bond Fund $ 6.10 $ 0.0336 PYELX
Payden Floating Rate Fund $ 9.60 $ 0.0501 PYFRX
Payden Floating Rate Fund SI Class $ 9.61 $ 0.0559 PYFIX
Payden Global Fixed Income Fund $ 8.62 $ 0.3082 PYGFX
Payden Global Low Duration Fund $ 9.83 $ 0.0235 PYGSX
Payden GNMA Fund $ 9.15 $ 0.0284 PYGNX
Payden High Income Fund $ 5.99 $ 0.0319 PYHRX
Payden Limited Maturity Fund $ 9.42 $ 0.0215 PYLMX
Payden Low Duration Fund $ 9.92 $ 0.0215 PYSBX
Payden Strategic Income Fund $ 9.70 $ 0.0293 PYSGX
Payden Strategic Income Fund SI Class $ 9.70 $ 0.0304 PYSIX
Payden U.S. Government Fund $ 10.19 $ 0.0224 PYUSX
Payden/Kravitz Cash Balance Plan Fund Adviser Class $ 9.94 $ 0.3227 PKCBX
Payden/Kravitz Cash Balance Plan Fund Institutional Class $ 10.22 $ 0.3369 PKCIX
Payden/Kravitz Cash Balance Plan Fund Retirement Class $ 9.49 $ 0.3253 PKCRX
Payden/Kravitz Cash Balance Plan Fund SI Class $ 10.16 $ 0.3321 PKBIX
Why do Payden mutual fund shareholders receive a distribution?

Mutual funds are required by the IRS to distribute substantially all realized profits they earn to shareholders on at least an annual basis. If a fund has net gains from the sale of securities, or if it earns dividends or interest from securities, the fund must distribute those earnings to its shareholders. All distributions are taxable, unless an investor's shares are held in a tax-deferred or tax-exempt account such as an IRA. Payden shareholders have the option to receive their distributions in cash or to automatically reinvest the distribution back into the Fund. This information is not intended to provide tax advice. Please consult a qualified tax professional for advice specific to your circumstances.

Quoted performance data represent past performance, which does not guarantee future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate, so investors’ shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. For the most recent month-end performance, which may be higher or lower than that quoted, go to the Mutual Funds > Performance page on this website, or call 800 572-9336.

To obtain a prospectus or summary prospectus, click on the Prospectuses & Reports link on the right side of this page, or call 800 572-9336. Before investing, investors should consider investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other important information, which are contained in these documents; read the prospectus carefully before investing. Investment in foreign securities offers different rewards and challenges from investing in domestic securities, including changes in exchange rates, political changes, and differences in reporting standards, and for emerging-market securities, higher volatility. The Paydenfunds are distributed through Payden & Rygel Distributors, member FINRA.

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